Canadian Music Week! What a blast!


Wow - we had such a great time at Canadian Music Week 2016!

Thank you to Ryan, Patrick, and everyone at Nocturne - and of course the awesome bands.  We had such fun chatting in the green room (Dan from Glass Apple Bonzai, Tom, Jaimie, and Alia from Mangled Meat) and seeing incredible performances (Hologramme!  We love you!).

This just in: adding a [Video] page so you can see some snippets from our performances.
Check it out.


Coming soon: Sheik Electrique!


JMBZ | Sheik Electrique coverRelease date in September 2014!

New Electronic World Fusion music featuring new tracks mixing organic ethnic elements with synth beats, sounds, glitches, and more.

Also, stay tuned: An exciting multi-city CD release event 12-14 September 2014

Cover Model: Amir Igor Rodin
Photography: Alex Doubovitsky
Graphics: Justin Minister

Be sure to sign up for my email announcement list for details and extra exciting bits.


New Toolkit Released!


Available now!  My new "Instructor's Toolkit: Vol 2" featuring Rhumba & Saidi Rhythms in different tempos, including a progressive track with the tempo slowly increasing from 100bpm to 130bpm.  Great for teaching/practicing finger cymbals or complex isolation sequences & combos.

Available only from CDBaby as a full album download for $5.99US.
Check it out on CDBaby



"Played" Set to Release!


Wow, it's been an interesting trip on this project.

But, graphics are finally done, details tied up, and we're set to release on 03March2014 exclusively on CDBaby!  I'll be releasing on iTunes & Amazon also in good time, and other digital distribution to follow.


"Ultraviolet" - Remixes of Bargheust featuring 2 by JMBZ


It's here!

Bargheust's "Violet" remixed, featuring 2 tracks by JMBZ.


Prep for Fifty Shades of FUsion


Wow, what excitement.

I'll be playing music at MeZnoTik's "Fifty Shades of Fusion" in a few weeks.  I can never leave well enough alone, so I've been remixing my tracks for the show.  The after party will be at the bar downstairs of the hall in Bay City, MI on 25 January.


New Site!


So here I am creating yet another website focusing on my music.  As of January 2014, I will have been taking classes/working/teaching/performing in the field of Middle Eastern and related Dances for 20 years. Wow!

Some of my fans & friends are aware of this, but not everyone: dance was something that took off when I was making other plans. 


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