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Shut Up and Shimmy

release date 21 Sep 2010

1. Malfoofy (Extended Mix)
2. Al Asad (Shake This Mix)
3. Saidi Sam (Extended Mix)
4. Mailaika (Heavenly Mix)
5. Cool Jirk (Habibi Mix)
6. Clubland Rai (Happy Sauce Mix)
7. Electro Fellahin (Tribaltronic Mix)
8. Desert Jam (Fierce Hips Mix)
9. Nubian Connection (Festive Mix)
10. Sombati's Groove (Chill Drill Mix)
11. Drum Solo (Performance Edit)
12. Selimah (Slithery Mix)
13. Oriental Tabla (Instructional Edit)

Don't Stop Shakin It! From the creativity of Middle Eastern dance choreographer, performer & instructor Jim Boz, 11 original tracks for your shimmy pleasure, your isolation drill nirvana, your hiptastic ecstasy!

Taking traditional Arabic rhythms (Saidi, Malfuf, Khaligi, etc) and combining with electronics and a steady heavy beat in extended 'dance edit' formats, Jim has produced music to shimmy, shake and drill. These are the same tracks that Jim uses in classes in San Diego, CA and on his world tours.

Includes two BONUS Tracks: Selimah (Slithery Mix), written for Selimah of Mystic Hips in Louisville, KY specifically for snake dancing (a dark, electronic, goth inspired piece using Chiftetelli rhythm and trip hop influences), and an Oriental Tabla solo "Instructional Edit", the piece that accompanies the Intermediate/Advanced drum solo choreography taught by Jim Boz on the Live To Shimmy/Shimmy To Live 2011 Tour.