Sheik Electrique


Sheik Electrique takes ethnic rhythms to an explosive electronic side. Both organic and synthetic elements collide across a nightclub dancefloor, a bellydance studio, or wherever you are compelled to groove.

From the dark and brooding to perky dance beats, JMBZ combines ethnic samples, rhythms, and melodies with electronics for a signature sound of modern tracks.

Thanks to Galatea, John Compton, Ryan Raks, Ashiya, and Jodee Ewing for the inspiration for some of the tracks on this release.

Special thanks to Laura McCutcheon and Serpentina North Ensemble, cubby, Azrakesh, and Nihilend LaMortville for the love and support. And special thanks to all the friends all over the world who have shared with me in the music and the dance!

Cover Model: Amir Igor Rodin Photography: Alex Doubovitsky Graphics: Justin Minister

This CD was created digitally using loops, samples, original programming, editing & studio production. Loops and samples from:, Loopmasters, Big Fish Audio, P5Audio & Loop Galaxy.

(p)(c)2014 JMBZ/Jim Boz - All Rights Reserved - Unauthorized copying, reproduction, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited.

The arts can be a difficult industry in the USA. Please support the arts by purchasing your own copy & encouraging others to do the same.

For more info: 1-888-4JIMBOZ (from the US) +1 619 203 4596 @TekkaTekkaUntz

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