"Played" Set to Release!

Wow, it's been an interesting trip on this project.

But, graphics are finally done, details tied up, and we're set to release on 03March2014 exclusively on CDBaby!  I'll be releasing on iTunes & Amazon also in good time, and other digital distribution to follow.

Maybe closer to release I'll post about the inspiration for this CD - but suffice to say I truly got 'Played' (hence the title and the line notes).

FYI: Sign up for Email Announcement list and I'll send you the full CD free via file sharing service.  Yup, read that here only. I'm not saying it out loud, but if you think you know someone who might like these tracks, be sure to let them know about my site and my announcement list.

Also, be sure to visit my FaceBook page and [Like] it to get the latest updates.

For more info on the project, visit my Music page

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